Latina Connection Conference - CSULB

Claiming the power of our voice with Latina students at California State University, Long Beach. Presenting on ways to help students find confidence in speaking up and sharing their ideas and opinions and knowing their communication style can continue to grow and develop.

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The loves of some are the nightmare of others on Valentine's Day - UNIVISION 34

On Valentine’s Day, many partners find themselves struggling to meet the needs of two lovers. I discuss the position the flower shops and florists are placed in when callers give them private information and ask them to keep the secret of their “lovers.”


Depression Among Single Parents - LACC

Presented to a group of mother’s of color at Los Angeles Community College on what depression looks like as single parents. Discussed the hardships, challenges and difficulties that single mother’s face and how that can affect their mental and emotional well-being. I provided information on red flags when someone is struggling with depression, resources and tips they can use.