We all carry wounds and pain with us that can weigh us down, preventing us from becoming the person or mother we want to be. The moment we begin to heal those wounds, we blossom and grow into the individual we are capable of becoming. If you are feeling anxious, depressed, angry, stuck, resentful, unable to communicate needs and have positive relationships with others and yourself then you need professional support to help you unravel what is keeping you from reaching your full potential. I have 15 years experience working with mothers, children, families, couples, individuals of all backgrounds.

I am trained in evidence based methods but my approach is to look at the individuals strengths. I help them look for solutions rather than be stuck in problem mode. I believe that therapy is not a "one size fits all" approach. It is more of a personalized care plan that will fit your particular needs.

I have specialized training in maternal mental health and community mental health therapeutic approaches allowing me to serve a wider range of clients with different issues. My work is also enriched by my own experience with postpartum depression, anxiety, specific trainings and certifications.


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